“Crying doesnt indicate that you’re weak it means you’ve been strong for too long…”

exactly what i’m feeling right now.

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tama na..

“So many times that I pray you’d find me..”

And until now, I’m still praying..

Asan ka na ba?

Alam kong darating ka.. hindi man sa panahon na kailangang-kailangan kita.. kundi sa panahong masasabi kong kaya ko nang mag-isa..

Marami akong natutunan sa lahat ng nangyari sakin..

Nasaktan ako.. sobra.. Nagtiwala, umasa.. nang matagal.. at nasaktan.. at nasasaktan pa rin paminsan-minsan.

Pero darating pala ang panahon na mas pipiliin mo nang umayos dahil nakakasawa na..

at hindi na tama..

hindi na tama..

pero hindi ako titigil.. na umasa at manampalataya..

hanggang sa maging tama na..

sa wakas..

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I wanna learn how to play lead in guitar.
I wanna learn how to play the keyboard
I wanna learn how to dance freestyle.
I wanna learn how to sew a dress.
I wanna learn how to cook.
I wanna learn how to bake.
I wanna learn how to grow flowers.
I wanna compose my own songs.
I wanna travel, a lot.
I wanna learn photography.
I wanna have a long hair with curls in the end of it.
I wanna be in fashion.
I wanna help others.
I wanna be a giver.
I wanna do something significant in the community.
I wanna be bold in sharing Jesus with everyone.
I wanna serve the Lord.
I wanna meet my future spouse.
I wanna be consistently content.
I wann be happy and always at peace.
I wanna enjoy life.
I wanna be who the Lord wants me to be.
I wanna be me.

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God's Promises Are Real

              You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again. (Psalm 71:20)

The battles we face in this world are making all of us weary.  The enemy’s attacks are getting stronger as the forces of evil seek to wound and discourage those who belong to Christ.  Many believers are crying out for Christ to return soon and save them from all this darkness.  We are indeed in the devil’s crosshairs and he is not backing down.  His plan is to kill your hope, steal your joy and destroy your future.  His arsenal is filled with weapons of lies and discouragement aimed toward every believer.  His fiery darts of fear and doubt can pierce the hearts of struggling saints causing some to wonder if God really hears their prayers.  We are all suffering the effects of a fallen world as we endure hardship of every kind.  As difficult as…

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